Eri's Land

Erika means "Ruler of All"

Heya I'm currently a college student, studying fine arts. I'd love to connect with anyone who's doing museum studies!! I like to read, and write, collect art, and I love to paint. I'm currently in the process of making 1000 cranes.

I used to absolutely LOVE stargate atlantis (Sparky shipper, hence the name). I don't love it less, but there is unfortunately less to love now. It'll always be my first passion. But now my main current fandoms are Merlin, Castle, Bones, and Sanctuary. On FanFiction.net I am known as sparklyshimmer2010. The stories may seem abandoned, but I promise they are not.

Other than that I listen to music, take walks, volunteer, and in general I just like to smile and have fun!